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What Business is it of Yours? Green Roofs on Industrial and Commercial Facilities

More and more businesses are becoming aware of the fact that climate change is a significant threat and are acting to do their part in crisis prevention efforts. Many are producing sustainability strategies and action plans as a part of their identity and goals. 

The solution spells DETENTION.

Green roofs are generally an excellent stormwater run-off volume reduction tool. Reducing the volume of stormwater run-off has huge benefits on a city scale as less water must be processed by sewage or stormwater treatment plants. This results in substantial savings for the ...

Mental well-being and the power of green spaces

What makes you feel better, looking out of your window to see a vivid landscape of greenery? Or staring out your window and being confronted by endless concrete?

A green roof in the Trajnice Strgar Garden Centre

The current climate change brings with it more frequent and greater fluctuations in temperature and precipitation. Therefore, taking into account sustainable development, climate change and biodiversity, together with Bernarda Strgar Schulz from the Trajnice Strgar Garden ...

Sloped Green Roof Challenges

Green roofs are a perfect solution to create green spaces on any type of surface. They offer many benefits to the public, private, economic and social sectors. One of the benefits is also the aesthetic aspects of greening, which is much more delicate when we talk about sloped ...