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Green Building Rating Systems: Types, Descriptions & Reasons for its Usage

Buildings are a complex matter when it comes to their relationship to the people and environment they are in contact with. They include a wide range of materials in their construction and use various resources to serve our needs and eventually, they will need to be torn down and ...

How green roof can tackle the devastation of urban flooding

Flash floods are becoming more frequent causing devastation in urban centres with antiquated sewage systems. And how can Urbanscape® help ease the misery of flooded cities?

Humanity’s ‘code red’ and why we need climate action now

Tragic floods, devastating wildfires, catastrophic cyclones, extreme winters and unbearable summers, the world continues to be defined by extreme weather events in every region.

Millions of green roofs are needed to transform the lives of urban europeans

Europe needs to put nature at the heart of its urban centres and introduce millions of green roofs to create attractive sustainable centres of the community that transform lives, the European Commission’s New European Bauhaus Festival was told.

Where do my rooftop plants grow? Green Roll as a light-weight growing media

Imagine the conditions on the roof. Usually tiny plants must cope with unequal rainfall distribution, intense solar radiation, heavy evapotranspiration, limited water supply, strong stormwater events, daily and seasonal strong temperature fluctuations, flash flooding, freeze and ...

Interview with Joost de Gier - our long-term business partner

Joost de Gier is our long-term and very valuable business partner, who has been involved with Urbanscape® from the beginning. He has been in the industry since he was 14 years, active in sales of green roofs in Europe for the last 12 years. He says that every green roof is ...

What’s Your Type? Types of Usage for Green Roofs

There is a green roof for every use, be it a new family house, large hospital, garage, storage facility, a delicate renovation – even a shed or a doghouse! To decide on the appropriate green roof to use for any project, it is of uttermost importance to do your research to ensure ...

Vertical Green Spaces – The Various Benefits of Green Walls

Climate change is an increasing concern for our society, which is why interest in nature-based solutions and urban green infrastructure is on the rise in an effort to create more liveable green spaces. Developers, architects, engineers, and city planners see it as a sustainable ...

Stormwater management - Short and Long Term Effects

The combined effect of urban growth and climate change is altering the hydrological balance in developed urban areas. Public awareness of the impact of stormwater on flash flood occurrence and water quality is, however, on the rise (1). The surface of roofs in urban areas ...

Energy efficiency in private homes and businesses

Our contemporary lifestyle dictates that we spend most of our time indoors. Buildings need to be kept at a constant temperature to accommodate our expectations and standards of comfort. Today, experts estimate the building sector’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas ...