Our thoughts and passions on green roof and landscaping industries.

Green Roofs and Facades – On why they need to become a staple part of our cityscapes.

Reducing energy use and air pollution are two major challenges we face in the developed world. Buildings account for 39% of the total US and 40% of the European Union’s energy consumption. Additionally, air pollution negatively affects our quality of life and health conditions. ...

Mental well-being and the power of green spaces

What makes you feel better, looking out of your window to see a vivid landscape of greenery? Or staring out your window and being confronted by endless concrete?

Sloped Green Roof Challenges

Green roofs are a perfect solution to create green spaces on any type of surface. They offer many benefits to the public, private, economic and social sectors. One of the benefits is also the aesthetic aspects of greening, which is much more delicate when we talk about sloped ...

Perception of green roofs in the media

The visibility of green roofs in media has a great impact on how the public views them and how appealing and realistic they appear to them as an everyday part of life. The more they appear, the more we as regular people feel comfortable with them. It is often hard to grow past ...