What's new in the world of green roof and landscaping industries?

Green Roofs as Stormwater Management Solutions

The world's urban population is rising and is projected to reach 67% by the year 2050. Despite socioeconomic benefits, urbanization leads to numerous environmental problems, such as urban floods and higher inner-city temperatures compared to the surrounding rural areas. Climate ...

FIGHTING DROUGHT – Responsible water management in arid places

There is no unique definition of drought, as we can distinguish between meteorological, agricultural, hydrological, and socio-economic droughts, depending on its effects. We will mainly be focusing on meteorological drought, which is caused by weather events and can be defined ...

TACKLING CLIMATE CHANGE: How green roofs can prevent flooding in urban areas

Water damage caused by flooding is becoming a serious threat in the developed world. Caused both by extreme weather phenomena due to climate change, and by expanding cities, it is crucial to invest in prevention methods.