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How do we take care of a green roof in the spring? What do we need to pay attention to? Just like other planting in the garden, green roofs also need care; this should be done at least once a year, but twice is recommended—in spring and autumn.

Plants of the genus Sedum, mainly undemanding plants, are used for extensive greening of roofs. Nevertheless, they need regular attention regarding soil moisture, nutrient levels, and weed removal. In the spring—usually in March and April or when there is no more danger of frost, we do the first maintenance to help dormant winter plants in the transition to the summer flowering season.

List of tasks for green roof maintenance:
• Remove all accumulated waste such as leaves, branches, etc.
• Inspect and clean roof drains for smooth water drainage
• Remove all dead stems and other dry plants for better fire safety
• Remove any unwanted plants brought to the roof by wind or birds
• Plants are fertilized with a special fertilizer for green roofs, where the NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) ratio should be 5-2-6, lower than most commercial fertilizers. Fertilize only when temperatures are already constantly above 10°C
• Remediate any bare areas – if necessary, you can cut plants from other healthy green roof areas, sprinkle them over the bare area and cover with a thin layer of soil/substrate

After successful attention, you can indulge in the warm spring rays and enjoy the view of your lush green roof.

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Urbanscape® Green Roof Solutions

Urbanscape® Green Roof System is provided with complete, easy to install layers delivered directly to the customer. Due to the use of new innovative Urbanscape® Green Roll, no special equipment is required for installation and maintenance.

Our core focus are systems with pre-grown vegetation which guarantee the best benefits for the customer, immediately resulting in the final appearance without having to wait months for the green roof to actually become green. All our systems can be easily modified and adapted to specific climates by combining different layer types (and thicknesses).

We recommend fertilizing twice a year (preferably in spring and autumn) with a suitable fertilizer with a prolonged effect. We recommend using the Urbanscape® Sedum Conditioner. Spread the fertilizer evenly over the green area before the precipitation. Carry out the first fertilization no later than 6 months after installation, depending on the condition of the vegetation. Scatter approx. 1 kg of Urbanscape® Sedum Conditioner per 40 m2.


Varied colours all year long!

Thanks to the 12 sedum varieties, Urbanscape® Greenroof will surprise you with a variety of shades that it takes through the year: red, green or brown, with white, pink, yellow or red flowers between June and September. The colours of Urbanscape® Greenroof vary based on weather conditions, season, irrigation and maintenance quality.


Urbanscape® Green Roof System - Design and construct a perfect green roof.

Urbanscape® Green Roof System concepts go beyond the meaning of contemporary architecture and give a new value to the role of buildings within urban planning. They are designed not only to bring back the natural element in the urban environment but also to provide solutions for important issues such as urban heat island effect and stormwater management.

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