What's new in the world of green roof and landscaping industries?

Green roof is not environmental philanthropy. It is sound business.

»Green roof is not environmental philanthropy; it is sound business! « stated Ford chairman Bill Ford more than twenty years ago while announcing the 42.180 m2 green roof project on Ford Motor company's Rouge factory in Michigan, USA.

How to Design a Green Roof for Wind Resistance?

Green roofs are an ever-developing technology, with extensive green roofs gaining more and more popularity due to their lightness, versatility and low maintenance requirements. Some, however, fear the weight of extensive systems can be detrimental when it comes to windy ...

Green Building Rating Systems: Types, Descriptions & Reasons for its Usage

Buildings are a complex matter when it comes to their relationship to the people and environment they are in contact with. They include a wide range of materials in their construction and use various resources to serve our needs and eventually, they will need to be torn down and ...

What Happens When Communities Adopt Green Roofs?

What's better than one green roof? Several green roofs, in fact. Installing them throughout the urban landscape is more effective in terms of enhancing their various environmental and social benefits than having just a single project. The number and total area of green roofs can ...

Green Roofs as Stormwater Management Solutions

The world's urban population is rising and is projected to reach 67% by the year 2050. Despite socioeconomic benefits, urbanization leads to numerous environmental problems, such as urban floods and higher inner-city temperatures compared to the surrounding rural areas. Climate ...

SafetyPro Q&A

If you or your workers are working at height, you know how important it is to take care of security and prevent falls. Our SafetyPro Systems enable maximum freedom of movement and comply with the latest EU standards. To help you to enable secure work at height, we have prepared ...

Green Roofs for Clean Air and Blue Skies

The quality of the air we breathe on a daily basis has a great effect on our overall health and well-being. However, due to our contemporary way of life, air quality is often compromised. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 10 million deaths per year are caused by ...


Lessons at Piali Ashar Alo primary school for girls in Kolkata, India, used to be challenging.

How green roof can tackle the devastation of urban flooding

Flash floods are becoming more frequent causing devastation in urban centres with antiquated sewage systems. And how can Urbanscape® help ease the misery of flooded cities?

Humanity’s ‘code red’ and why we need climate action now

Tragic floods, devastating wildfires, catastrophic cyclones, extreme winters and unbearable summers, the world continues to be defined by extreme weather events in every region.