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If you google the word »Landscape«, you learn that the term comes from the Dutch word landschap, the name given to paintings of the countryside. So, geographers have borrowed the word from artists. If you google images, the majority of photos will show you almost endless shades of green. What is the secret of green?

There are numerous articles about the healing effect of green. There is one that captures the green effect in very simple way, through children’s eyes (Sando, 2021). In NYC, in pandemic times in summer 2021, the green spaces shown to be extremely important to burn off some energy and de-stress. Kids explained that “…plants are relaxing to my eyes…”, “…the plants look beautiful, and I love just staring at them…«.

Also, lots of studies show the positive effect of greenery. Dutch scientist Joland Maas gathered data from more than a quarter of a million people — in areas where 90% of the local space was green, 10.2% of residents felt unhealthy. In areas where 10% of the local space was green, 15.5% felt unhealthy. When scaled up to the population of cities (or countries) this 5+% can mean millions of people feeling less healthy with considerable consequences in terms of strain on health services and lost days at work (ARUP, 2014). In this report, it is also stated that desk workers who can see a green environment from their desks experience 23% less time off sick than those that have an entirely urban view. Similarly, these workers also report greater job satisfaction. So green effect can be translated into monetary effect (improved well-being results in better effectiveness).

The fact is, that the contact with nature is in our DNA and we should keep this in mind when planning the urban environment. But very soon, we come across the obstacles. Lack of space, costs, harsh climate, water shortages, just to name a few. Different forms of green infrastructure shall be used to address those, from green roofs, green walls, lawns etc. But if we stick to green on the ground, let’s think today on appropriate climate and water solutions for lawns. Such possible solution is to use the Urbanscape green roll in the landscape design.

This solution is constantly tested and proven in arid climate zones such as United Arb Emirates. The area has arid, hot climate, where project owners wanted to achieve the lush green lawns in all seasons, while decreasing the water usage for irrigation and overcome the periods of water shortages. Despite the hard environmental conditions, it is important that visitors experience attractive green landscape:

Jumeirah Gate 2

Photo: Jumeriah gate garden project, Dubai, UAE (Jumeirah gate project - Urbanscape (



Photo 2: Dubai Opera Garden, UAE (Dubai Opera Garden - Burj Khalifa Complex - Urbanscape (


So important is, that while designing the landscape areas in such climate zones, one thinks about water usage, chooses the appropriate plant cover and appropriate landscape system design, which will deliver the benefits.

We were excited to learn about the results of the study of University of California in Riverside, on Urbanscape Green roll effect in landscaping applications. In case of Southern California climate, it was confirmed that in case of widely adopted Tall fescue turfgrass, the application of Green roll, with subsurface irrigation system, results in:

  • Water savings
  • Increased turfgrass cover
  • Better Turfgrass quality (Improved Dark Green Colour Index, improved Normalised Difference Vegetation Index)

Put in simple words, the maintenance of the lawn in Urbanscape landscaping system, requires less irrigation needs and yielded in denser, greener turf in this very dry and hot climate zone. These recorded benefits proved that Urbanscape application in harsh environment, is able to respond to modern landscape design demands. By using the Urbanscape products, you will achieve several important benefits:

  • Decreased water usage
  • Better growth of plants
  • Improved performance of plants

Increased proportion of green cover in demanding terrain surfaces (green area placement among concrete structures – see cases bellow)


Photo: Urbancape landscaping in commercial zone in Ljubljana (Projects - Urbanscape Architecture (


Photo: Urbanscape ladscaping on highway in Germany (Highway belt on a33 motorway - Urbanscape (

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