Do you know all the main benefits of Urbanscape?

Posted by Gregor Kovač on Mar 24, 2022 9:15:14 AM


You’ve most certainly already heard of the main benefits of Urbanscape® Green Roofs. These are low construction height, improved root growth, cleaner air, etc. However, do you really understand what do they mean? What is the “complete solution” or how light actually is “light”?

Let’s start at the beginning. For someone wanting to have a green roof and who is just starting to explore the “world of green roofs” there are plenty of different options. However, Urbanscape® stands head and shoulders above the competition. Now, let us explain why.

Firstly, there is the benefit of a complete solution. This means that Urbanscape® Green Roof System is provided with complete, easy-to-install layers delivered directly to the customer. What this means is that we provide all layers Urbanscape® Green Roof consists of and all that’s left to do is to stack the layers on top of each other in the right order. With no special equipment needed!


Secondly, the benefit of fast and easy installation is also quite handy. Because all layers are delivered to the customer and there is no special tool needed for installation, you simply follow the Urbanscape® Green Roof installation procedure and voila, the green roof is completed. Usually, 3 persons can install up to 500 m2 of Urbanscape® Green Roof in a day.

The next benefit is low construction height. The height of green roofs can by default be quite low. However, at Urbanscape® we use Urbanscape® Green Roll that was specifically made to replace soil and further reduce the height of the green roof.

Furthermore, there is the benefit of “instant green” green roof. Because we use a sedum-mix blanket the green roof will look green in no time. On average, it takes only up to eight weeks for the roof to be properly rooted.


One of the main benefits is the lightness of our green roofs. On average, our Urbanscape® Green Roll is 8–10 times lighter than other regular green roof substrates, so Urbanscape® Green Roof system can even be installed on lightweight constructions where traditional systems are not possible. Even when fully saturated with water, Urbanscape® Green Roof is very light.

The next benefit is the sustainable solution of our green roofs. Urbanscape® Green Roll is made from various pure rock mixtures which are widely available in nature. Additionally, the lightweight structure of substrate promotes extensive root distribution and plant growth.

Furthermore, there is the benefit of improved root growth. After the Urbanscape® Green Roof is installed, if it is properly irrigated, roots quickly sprout and reach the Urbanscape® Green Roll where they have access to the water that is saturated in Green Roll.

An important benefit of Urbanscape® Green Roofs is high water absorption and retention. Because of high water retention, the demand for watering is not as high as it would be in conventional roof substrate. High water retention gives green roofs an advantage in the reduction of storm water runoff, which decreases the burden on sewer systems by 50–90% in summer, depending on the green roof design and local climate.


In nature water filtrates through layers of soil. And just like in nature, water goes through natural bio-filtration on green roofs. This prevents contaminants and toxins from reaching streams and waterways. Therefore, rainwater purification is one of main benefits of green roofs.

And it’s not only rainwater that gets purified by green roofs. Air does, too! Researchers estimate that 1 m2 of a green roof can absorb up to 0.2 kg of airborne particles from the air every year.

Finally, one of the main benefits of Urbanscape® Green Roofs is that we use strong plants in our Urbanscape® Sedum-Mix blankets. This means that the sebaceous sedum plants are efficient at storing water in their leaves and are extremely suitable for varying weather conditions.

These are the main benefits of Urbanscape® Green Roofs. However, there are even more benefits of having a green roof above your head. And the most important thing of all is that all these benefits and more are combined in one roof, the Urbanscape® Green Roof.

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