Sloped Green Roof Challenges

Posted by Ana Obreza on Apr 14, 2020 4:20:09 PM

Green roofs are a perfect solution to create green spaces on any type of surface. They offer many benefits to the public, private, economic and social sectors. One of the benefits is also the aesthetic aspects of greening, which is much more delicate when we talk about sloped green roofs compared to the traditional flat green roofs.

Due to their high visibility, a sloped green can be a real eye catcher. But when it comes to designing a green roof, a very high slope is advantageous. Technical performance may vary by region, climate and green roof design. Compared with flat roofs, inclined or pitched roofs retain less water.

But as the pitch increases, so do the challenges.

The amount of moisture from the ridge to the lower edge varies. Precisely because of this, optimal moisture distribution in inclined roofs represents one of the main challenges in green roof design. The second challenge is to prevent sliding. The most critical component is the system that holds the growing media and the vegetation layer in place, especially during the early stages of roof development. The drainage layer can be thinner and simplified due to the quicker runoff of rainwater.

belgium sloped roofPhotos: Urbanscape® Green Roof System: Residential Villa in Brasschaaat (Belgium) © by Architect Kristof van Hoof – Zandhoven (B)

Urbanscape® Extensive Inclined (up to 20°) and Pitched Green Roof Systems (20°−45°)

Urbanscape® Sloped Green Roof System has been designed to obtain these challenges. Due to the high water storage capacity of the Green Roll growing media, Urbanscape® systems ensure a much more uniform distribution of water at the roof pitch compared to conventional sloping roofs with exclusively soil-based substrates.

Furthermore, because of the low weight and at the same time high water storage capacity with uniform water distribution, Urbanscape® Inclined and Pitched Green Roof Systems are an excellent and reliable solution for all roof pitches of up to 45 °.

We have prepared some detail drawings (CAD designs) to assist architects and other designers with their work while designing sloped green roof.




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